Friday, December 26, 2008

in the beginning...

decided to start a blog. want to write again, or at least try. when i was a confused semi-adult, i used to regularly stay up all night on my ex's typewriter, just babbling for hours.. later i would edit whatever came out into a zine or just some sort of weird art or posting. my zines are funny/embarassing to read, almost 10 years later. i caught a lot of shit in my very southern hometown for trying something different.

when i joined my current branch of the military (5.5 years ago) , i felt like all my creativity had been sapped. the stringent schedule coupled with the unending stress has definitely left me with less time and energy to dedicate to a craft that i was never sure i was good at in the first place. i suppose it's time to explore a little more and see if i can do it, job and all.

so.. here goes nothin!